Woodstown Bay Shellfish Ltd.

Ireland’s Finest Oysters

Woodstown Bay Shellfish Limited is at the forefront of the crustacean farming industry in Ireland,specialising in the production of quality oysters and mussels for the international export market. We are the proud owners of one of the largest oyster farms in Europe situated amid the unrivalled beauty and purity of Woodstown Bay, a veritable Eden on the south eastern shore of the unspoiled Irish coastline. We supply liberal quantities of exceptional oysters and mussels to our global clientele, with consistent standards of service excellence that have cemented our reputation firmly upon the market in less than a decade. We are specialists in the production of quality blue mussels, which are harvested by "The Creadan Lady" a bespoke vessel built to the specific requirements of Woodstown Bay Shellfish Limited; gracing the Waterford estuary, the river llen, and the coastlines of Youghal and Kinsale.

Woodstown Bay Shellfish Limited continues to expand its brand and grow, with innovative technologies, pioneering ingenuity, and a long established family tradition of crustacean farming, by delivering high quality shellfish to their manifold destinations, in unrivalled freshness.